Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Random Meme

Denise from Flamingo House Happenings tagged me for the very interesting meme to list 8 random things. I've been staring at this empty post for sometime now because it has made me wonder what really is random. The thoughts forming in my mind for the 8 are more like the first 8 things that come to mind......are those random?

1) I probably have about 8 mosquito bites on me right now. I woke up about 25 mins ago and there were no itches but after sitting here at my desk, perfectly still, I think some of them from underneath have got me. I'll have to zap them when I finish this meme.

2) My mother is going to go back to Malaysia tomorrow. Things will be lonely again around here but there is only a week and a half before I'll meet her again in Changi Airport for our trip to Brisbane.

3) I have been wondering if Aaron 'loves' me and yesterday when I was cuddling two of his soft toys, Dexter and Peter Rabbit, he came over asking to be included. So I guess he does :)

4) I'm hoping that both Aaron and I will gain a little weight when we go to Brisbane. The combination of the cool weather and more variety in food may help us.

5) Before going to bed each night, I wait for the US markets to open to check on how my options are performing. This helps me sleep better. The first thing I do in the morning is to check on them again.

6) I am planning to put taps on the bottom on Aaron's shoes once he starts walking.

7) When going on holidays, I don't like to travel with people other than my family. I do like holidays that include my whole family (ie my parents and my brother/SIL).

8) I love eating sausage rolls. The best ones I have had come from a shop in Toowong Village Shopping Center, Brisbane, Australia.

WOW! That took me ages! But this meme was fun. I'm tagging Jean.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Win $2500 at Ashwin's Blog Extravaganza

I'm only just starting to realize the power of competitions on blogs. Never noticed them until I started digging into how I could increase my own blog traffic. Anyway, here is one INCREDIBLE competition. The price is $2500 deposited into your Paypal account and all you need to do is include the following text in one of your posts:

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

The competition will run till August 20. Like other bloggers, I'm wondering how he will pick the winner.......

I want to be like you!

I think that Aaron is starting to want to be like us. He has started insisting on using a big spoon for his meals instead of the cute plastic baby ones. He also tries to feed himself and can do it quite well, even with the big spoon. Drinking from a cup is another thing that he's trying out but the water just ends up on his shirt or on the floor at the moment. I don't mind.

The funniest one we've come across is brushing teeth. He already has 6 teeth (8 any day now) and we wanted to introduce the idea to him early so we bought a little tooth brush and a few days ago, I brushed his teeth, while he watched Richard brushing his own teeth. Who knew that he would ask to brush his teeth ALL DAY LONG! Each time we go near the tooth brushes...he reaches out to grab one. As I brush his teeth, he will imitate whatever Richard does with his mouth!

The ongoing journey to being a WAHM

For now, its my trading thats earning me the most money. When I think about it, this surely is the best avenue for me to generate an income because if done correctly, the gains are good! However, I keep getting the urge to do more, especially since there is so much talk about the surging market being a bubble waiting to burst.

I've mentioned it in earlier posts that I'm on the look out for business opportunities but they are all still in the 'in my head' phase. While trawling the internet, I came across this website with business card templates. There is a good selection of backgrounds to pick from depending on your business; dentistry, education, fitness, name it! Apart from the glossy and digital variety, they also have magnetic and folded business card templates. You can make all the selections online and customize them to your particular needs. The website also has a small business buzz blog that I found very informative. I found this website to be a really well thought out one that was easy to use with many useful links.

Anyway...I went off at a tangent about that website but I will eventually need business cards. Right? Its time for me to go to the markets....stock markets.

6.30 am on Sundays - San Fredas Church

I may not be able to understand most of the Mass but we still make the effort to go for the 6.30am Mass every Sunday. Although early in the morning, the church is usually full and the congregation is enthusiastic in their prayers and singing. Very different from 6.30am Mass in Ipoh. The 8.30am mass is even MORE crowded and upbeat but at the moment, the timing isn't right for Aaron.

This is a photo I took after Mass on Sunday.

This one is of the parish band they had outside to raise money for the church. The two kids singing were just plucked randomly as they walked by but were sporting enough to sing something. You can see Aaron on the left ... he was actually trying to 'conduct' them.

A Bionic Fish Finder or a Chia Pet?

As a child, I enjoyed following my father and brother on their fishing expedition. I still fish with my brother when I visit him. These days, we use fishing rods instead of the hand reels we had as children. He's even talking about getting a Bionic Fish Finder. Although...I find that it kinda takes the fun of the suspense. His birthday is coming up in November so I'm looking into getting him one.

I was browsing here for a fish finder that I could get online and came across this really interesting 'pet'. Its called a Chia Pet. Its basically a terracotta pot that will sprout hair (grass) so you can keep trimming it. They're really much cuter than the Bionic Fish Finder and come in all sorts of cartoon characters.

Monday, July 16, 2007

How did you imagine life with a baby?

Aaron is 341 days old. In just 24 days, he'll be 365 days. WOW! I can't believe it.

Anyway, I was just thinking today how life with Aaron is so different from what I envisioned. Two items in particular spring to mind because I had put so much thought into them before Aaron was born. The first is a Moses basket and the second his pram.

I bought the Moses basket for Aaron because I thought that I could just put him next to my desk so that I could watch him while continuing with my online trading. He would sleep peacefully while I traded the market. UPDATE: I only just started actively trading again.

I thought Aaron would also coo quietly in his Moses basket while I continued giving piano lessons. Its just as well we moved to Palembang and there was no chance for me to resume teaching. Aaron would never have let me get through the scales let alone the entire lesson. I do miss my little students though.

I poured over brochures and scoured the internet for a pram that I liked and that I felt was good value - one that would last several years. I settled on a beautiful red Peg Perego Aria. So far, we've had hardly any opportunity to put him in it. We didn't go out much prior to moving to Palembang. And now that we're here, I sling him when we go for our walks around the neighborhood because the roads are just to broken for a pram. When I do go out to the malls, only one of them is suitable for the pram. I have been trying to get him used to it though since I'll have to use it in Brisbane.

So there you's never how you imagine it :)